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Dr. Joseph Michael Levry in the Press


Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Business Guide 2014 Inspiration For Embracing a New Way-Where Do We Go From Here?

Vision Magazine January 2013

Music & Mantra For Healing: An Interview with Dr. Robert Mirshak

Mantra Magazine

Karen Sadler/Age Conversation

by Karen Sadler

Naam Yoga Superclasses in the Press


Gathering For Global Peace:  Naam Yoga Takes Over Mexico City                       LA Yoga Magazine May 2016

Naam Yoga Founder Leads 100,000 People in Meditation                                      Santa Monica Mirror December 2015

Thousands of People Participate in a Global Meditation for Peace                        Vanguardia 2015

Reforma Corazon de Mexico January 2014

Mexico City is Setting for World’s Largest Yoga Class, Says Group                        Fox News Latino

La clase de yoga más grande del mundo se realizó en México                                Vanguardia

World’s Largest Naam Yoga Class in Mexico City                                                      Spirit Voyage

Naam Yoga Hosts World’s Largest Yoga Session                                                      La Yoga Magazine November 2012

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