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Dr. Joseph Michael Levry in the Press

FORBES Magazine, March 2021. Sukshma Vyayama: The yogic discipline that connects you to your spiritual essence

PURIST Magazine, July 2020. Love in Action: Carolyn Murphy speaks to Dr. Levry about accessing spirituality in these challenging times

CNN, April 24, 2020. Van Jones: I’m someone Covid-19 could easily kill. Here is what I’m doing about it.

Fox News, November 2011, Mexico City is the Setting for the World’s Largest Yoga Class

Quien, May 31, 2020. Curarán a través de la música en el ‘Encuentro Mundial por la Paz y la Sanación’

Martha Debayle, August 5, 2020. Predictions for the next 7 years 

Martha Debayle, June 3, 2020. The Power of Our Feelings

Elledgy Magazine, April 10, 2024. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry: healing and peace for modern society 

La Saga with Adela Micha, March 2024. Changing Our Brainwaves with Advanced Spiritual Technology

Dr. Levry on the Life Changes Show, April 2024. The Deep Healing Power of Unconditional Love

BELLA Magazine, August 2018, Carolyn Murphy, Adrian Greiner And Luca Del Bono Host Dr. Joseph Michael Levry’s East Hampton Event

Valley Girl, July 2020, The “Salon Tea” from Hollywood’s most sought-after colorist and co-creator of “The Rachel,” Michael Canalé

Star Central Magazine, April 2020, One On One Interview With Hollywood’s Most Sought-After Colorist: Michael Canalé

Trend Privé Magazine, February 2019, Interview with Michael Canalé by Doina Pirau

Yoga Journal, November 22, 2017, Out There: 200,000 Yogis Meditate in Mexico City This Weekend in Wake of World Tragedies

Yoga Journal Singapore, November 26, 2017, More Than 200,000 Come Together For Yoga & Meditation In Mexico City

LA Yoga Magazine, May 2016, Gathering for Gobal Peace:  Naam Yoga Takes Over Mexico City

Vanguardia, November 2015, Thousands Participate in a Massive Global Meditation for Peace

Vanguardia, November 2011, La clase de yoga más grande del mundo se realizó en México

Global Leaders, Local Visionaries, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Business Guide

Times Square Chronicles, August 2018

The Luxonomist, April 2017, Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing System

Huffington Post, December 7, 2017, 300,000+ Gather in Mexico City to Spread Love, Peace and Light in Turbulent Times 

Reforma Corazon de Mexico January 2014

ITN, November 26, 2012, Thousands attend mass yoga session in Mexico

Tages Anzeiger, November 26,2012, Mit Yoga gegen den Drogenkrieg

Spiegel, November 26, 2012, Massen-Yoga in Mexiko-Stadt: Hauche ein “Om” für die Metropole

LA Yoga, May 17, 2016, Naam Yoga takes over Mexico City

LA Yoga, November 28, 2012, Naam Yoga Hosts World’s Largest Yoga Session

Namaskar: A Voice for the Yoga Community of Asia, January 2013, Naam Yoga Superclass

Reuters, March 9, 2013, People participate in an early morning Naam yoga super class at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City

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