The Mystical Lineage of Naam

Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji

The Naam transmission that I received in 2004 came as a result of a powerful spiritual encounter with the saint Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji. I had begun my trip in Israel in early December, but felt myself being pulled to India, a country I had visited six months earlier. Exactly three days after I arrived in Dheli from Israel, shortly after 11pm on the 25th of December 2004, a day devoted to the worship of Christ Consciousness, I met the saint Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji in person.

He looked exactly as he had appeared in my dream state. Wanting to confirm that the projection in my dream state was indeed him I took the liberty to ask him directly, to which he replied, speaking with enormous love, goodness, and affection, yes, that he had come to me in my dream. He was surrounded by people who were kind, and very serviceful. During this encounter, the Holy Man Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji, himself, directly transmitted the Naam ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU to me.

Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji gazed into my eyes and repeated the mantra broken down into three parts. I was instructed to pronounce each part, right after him, keeping eye contact with his loving and powerful gaze. The whole process went on uninterrupted for three rounds of the entire mantra. This unforgettable spiritual transmission was followed by two blessings: He took a Jaap Sahib book that I had in my hands, held it in his hands and and handed it back to me saying that this book is blessed forever. He continued to bless as well a precious mystical necklace I wear.

It is important to know that Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji, was connected to Baba Siri Chand. Baba Siri Chand, king of the darveshes, a Muslim term for a powerful, truthful, God-intoxicated holy person, was the eldest son of Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs, and renowned during his time as a great mystic. This being of tremendous spiritual power and wisdom brought his father, Guru Nanak, to transmit Naam to Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji. Baba Siri Chand has been instructing Maharaj Ji since childhood.

Before this tremendous transmission of Naam, I had already been blessed with various powerful mystical initiations. From them all, the two I would like to acknowledge here are the Rose Croix Kabbalah transmission and another very sacred and mystical transmission that I received at the call of destiny which I will expand upon in the future.

These previous transmissions of spiritual force, generated in my physical structure certain divine capabilities that became the platform for me to receive the Naam transmission, perfectly in harmony with the energetic structure of my soul. The harmonic created by the combination of these powerful spiritual transmissions, was something superior, indescribable and highly beneficial. The combination of spiritual powers attached to these transmissions, led to the unfolding of mysteries in my own consciousness, building the platform for the expression and expansion of this superior light through my human vehicle upon this planet at this moment in time.

My upbringing, and mentorship with all the great mystics that I encountered in my early life, were all part of the preparation that would take me to the point where I am able to hold these energies more completely inside myself, allowing them to come together as a superior light for the Great Work. The whole process provided me with understanding concerning the spiritual destiny that I was to fulfill. Maharaj Ji was connected to Christ. He told me at one of our encounters not to forget Christ. The Christic Light is the Word made flesh”. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. . .and the Word made flesh and dwelt among us” . The Word is the Cause of all creation, settled in heaven. It is the Bread of Life, referred to by Embodiment of Christ.

Dr. Levry receiving the blessing of Naam from Baba Virsa Singh Maharaj Ji

Naam is the Word. The purpose of our Naam practice, is to prepare the ground for us to be born in Christ. Christ cannot be separated from God. Christ is the manifestation of divine Love, and divine Love is the greatest key. The path of Naam is the path of the heart and the path of the heart is the path of divine love. Christ was always able to obtain knowledge directly from the higher world, because of his awakened consciousness and his connection with the invisible world. Through prayer, Christ communicated with the invisible world, and with God. Christ is the manifestation of divine Love. Christ is the internal, spiritual, living, conscious power, identical in its nature with the Logos, or Word of God made flesh. The real birth of the soul is the birth of the Christ within; that awakening to the life and light of spiritual consciousness in which the individual becomes united.

The Moon in us, the lunar forces, have to be conquered and transformed into solar forces. All of this is empowered, and made possible, by the Holy Spirit. The Moon has to be converted into a sun. Christ connects human souls to the world of truth, where the great aims of every life are hidden. Only the Christic power can act as the link that unites human souls engrossed in material existence with the Creator. God the Son manifested as the Word made flesh, is the only one who could restore harmony to the world and the connection of the human soul with God. Through Naam, we can communicate with the invisible world. Christ understood through experience that the only way to save humanity is through divine Love. Love in itself always brings light, peace and joy. Love is the only fire that can eliminate the disturbances of this world. Through the great alchemy of Love, human can melt away all forms of negativity, and overcome anything. Christ said, ” I am the Way”: in the broadest sense of the word, this is the movement of the Spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of nature. “The Life”: as the harmonious organization of the five elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul. “The Truth”: as the manifestation of the One God, who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings.

The direct transference of Naam by Spiritual Masters, a human who has become the Word made flesh, or commonly known as Man or Woman of God, tunes us into the lineage of wisdom that they represent. This Naam that they transfer to us with the energy behind it, becomes the spiritual link. This Naam stands for the spiritual chain that links one to the awakened ones who these teachings come from. Naam is representative of the Cosmic within which all our higher faculties channeled through our auras become united, so that we may commune in spirit with them all. It is linking us to our spiritual teacher as he himself has been linked to the light of the sacred teachings, through his spiritual teachers. The transfer is beyond words, beyond scriptures.

When Naam is transmitted to us, the mystical force touches our aura and soul, thus transfiguring us for all time to come. Receiving Naam links us to the One who transmitted Naam to us, as he has been linked to the light of these sacred teachings and in the case of Naam, through Guru Nanak, Baba Siri Chand, and Guru Gobind Singh. This form of transfer is beyond words; beyond scriptures. Vibrating Naam, creates a stronger vibratory frequency within us, causing the divine glands to be properly awakened.

As a result, the dormant organ is then awakened and set aglow with the pure akashic fire. During this process, man becomes omniscient. The past and future, time and space disappear and become the present. The spiritual initiate becomes like a flower that has been blessed by the ray of the Sun. There is no element of land or sea, earth or sky which can stop he who has seen the spirit and known the truth. We then experience great bliss and eternal fullness of joy, knowledge, and love in unison with God and heaven.

The Naam ECK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHEY GURU is the secret key to manifest this royal lineage. The charged words Eck Ong Kar Satnam Siri Wahey Guru, behave like a password to the various planes of the higher world. Besides physical health, it bestows mental and spiritual equilibrium which is the health of spirit and on which the health both of the body and the mind depends. The transmission I received was indescribably powerful. Indeed, what occurred during and after my encounter with this Holy Man cannot be described. It was simply beyond words. Suffice it to say that I received many, many blessings during and after this divinely orchestrated encounter.

Men of God are God themselves in a human vehicle. A Holy Man or a true Spiritual Master knows how evolved the person he is giving the transmission to is. Men of God, or Spiritual Masters, cannot confer upon a student that which is not already present. I must add here, that receiving Naam alone is not enough. We must also apply personal work and effort to cause the seed of spiritual power that has been transmitted to us in Naam to grow into a Tree of Life. In other words, the transmission of Naam is a seed of spiritual power that has been planted within us. We must take responsibility for watering it. It will need the nourishment of unconditional love, serving others along with the warmth and light of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, to grow and blossom forth into a tree. We must nourish the initiatic seed of Naam that has been planted in us by vibrating our morning Naam meditation to tune in and dedicate the day to the Glory of the Creator. When we vibrate Naam, the subtle blanket of vibratory energy that surrounds us, called aura, forms a protection against evil forces. It also expands and contacts the auras of our Naam Initiator and, in turn, to his Naam Initiator, who is linked to the Light from which all Initiation and Illumination comes. In this way, we are brought into communion. Naam, then, is both the protection and the link that keeps away all the negative influences that could interfere with our spiritual work. Moreover, it allows us to be showered with the blessings and assistance of our Invisible Spiritual Masters.

We need the Word made flesh to give us Naam, and manifest the link. By receiving Naam directly from the Word made flesh, you can free yourself from the constraints of ego in order to drink the invisible nectar, and be filled with it. Only one condition is required: you must have unconditional love, and an unlimited desire to serve humankind. As a result, all knowledge starts coming to us. Again, we gain spiritual power by nourishing the transmitted seed. The creative power of the Universe, the highest manifestation of Shakti, the Cosmic power, through the grace and blessing of Guru Nanak dwells in us as his representative. This divine power is what we radiate when we teach. When we teach, we become the representative of all those in that lineage up to Guru Nanak and beyond. As such, we become an extension of heaven, and the universe fulfills our blessings. Our job is to spread love, peace and light. Understand, all these Rose Croix Kabbalists Masters, including Baba Virsa Singh, Baba Siri Chand, and Guru Nanak are not away from us. By vibrating Naam, you can link mentally with any of them. In turn, Baba Siri Chand or the beings of light connected to our egregore, will gracefully come to your aid exactly as a physical person would. Our mind is the key to link our soul to them.

All Masters sing the praises of Naam in his/her own way. The great sage, yogi and noble poet Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj clearly stated the following in “Ramcharitmanas”, a Scripture of Yogic and Hinduism: “Kalyug yoga na yugya na gyana, Ek Aadhar Naam Bus Mana!” This translates as: In this era dominated by machines, and hence named the mechanical era or Kal-Yug in Hindi and Sanskrit, not the physical practices of yoga (Hatha), nor the sacrifices and charity of yoga, (Vugya Yoga), nor the meditative practices of yoga (Givana Yoga) would suffice. Only Naam is the one, accepted as foundation and base. He went on to say: “Kalyug Kaval Naam Aadhara, Sumri Sumri Ner Utterhi Para!”. This means in Kal-Yug, only by vibrating Naam will human beings sail through the deep sea of the world. Only Naam will give bliss, peace and liberation. Patanjali, the great Hindu sage and author of the Yoga Sutras, who lived 2180 years before Guru Nanak, predicted the coming of Guru Nanak as a leading prophet who will share the Naam with the world during the period of the Kal-Yug. In the words of Guru Nanak: “Nanak dukhiya sabh sansar, so sukhiya jo Naam aadhar”, which translates into: The whole world is suffering, only those that recite Naam are liberated and peaceful.

All sacred scriptures ubiquitously state that Naam is the highest primal source of creation and unity with Divine consciousness. For example, the Hindu scriptures state that everything was created through the Naam, or Sound Current. Meanwhile, The New Testament says, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God […] All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.” And Guru Nanak states in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, “The entire creation came after the Naam; O Nanak, the Naam vibrates in each being.”

Men of God help us to develop our own personal relationship with God by giving us Naam in order to assist us in awakening our slumbering faculties. On the physical plane, Men of God act as Spiritual teachers, giving spiritual instruction to those who are ready. It is not easy to come across a Man of God, or a true Spiritual Master, who can transmit Naam with such power as Baba Virsa Singh Mahraj Ji did while alive. However, until the time that we meet such a Man of God, we must keep working with Naam, as this may speed up the process. Indeed, by working with Naam honestly while keeping love in your heart, you will be led to the Man of God so that He will shower his grace upon you. Naam gives you the ability to meditate on the One. It is our spiritual link, uniting us along the chain of light and wisdom all the way back to Guru Nanak and beyond. Naam ultimately leads to Samadhi, or communion with God, causing us to experience the ecstasy of consciousness. Samadhi is a state of consciousness free from all conditioning, where we experience the ecstasy of the soul.

The Royal Lineage of Sukshma Vyayama

No form of yoga will heal, embellish and make your body as radiant, healthy and well-defined as the combination of Sukshma Vyayama with Naam as found in Shakti Naam Yoga within only a few days of continuous practice. It is Shri Bal Mukund Singh, one of the greatest yogis from the land of India, who personally taught the science of Sukshma Vyayama to Dr. Levry.